Playa Diva Hair

As a luscious diva who has always idolized every girls hair other than my own, Burning Man is a fun time to explore my deepest hair desires…

Preparing for my first trip to the playa I heard a few grumbles about “playahair”, including a rumour or two from ladies that claimed they had to shave their head when they came back from the burn. According to the rumour mill, the dust, wind, and non-shower-having experience had wreaked havoc on their manes, and they were forced to shave it off and start anew. It didn’t help that when I arrived at the Reno airport and began to scavenge the baggage area for a ride to BRC, a girl ran into the airport to pick up her friend with half her hair cut off. After the 2 screamed and hugged each other and bounced around for a minute, the girl said “o, ya know… playahair!” with a big smile.  I thought I was looking into my own future. Well, if that is what comes with the Burning Man experience, I guess I’m already in…

After 5 years on the playa, and multiple other festivals, I have yet to meet someone who really did have to shave their head upon returning home. Just like every other city, there are “hairstylists” and “beauty stations” in Black Rock City. And being in the spirit of Burning Man, they are fun, creative, wacky, tacky, and uber fantastic. For her first burn in 2009, my friend Bee stated that she wanted to get her haircut on the playa. She was open to having a fun and silly time with it, and on her second day she met a young gentleman who she felt would do an amazing job at providing this service to her. He had never cut hair before… Perfect! She got him some scissors and encouraged him to have fun with it. She came back to camp with crooked bangs, half her hair short, the other half kinda long, and a huge smile on her face. I think she had 3 haircuts that week. By the end of it all her hair was completely short. Brilliant.

My own personal style has varied each year, from braiding my long hair with Kanekalon, to just covering everything with wigs and hats. In reality, after not washing my hair for a week and letting the playa do it’s thing, I learned to love my locks. What is it about the playa that makes everything better?!

So, ease your minds fellow Playa Divas, your hair will look amazing. No matter how you choose to wear it. Get creative, get inspired, get that blond wig you always wanted, learn how to sculpt those liberty spikes you dreamed of having when you were 14, or have a stranger shave your head. Just clean up your hair moop when you’re done.


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