The life of a Playa Diva

I went to my first festival in 2006. It was the Burning Man Festival, located on a dry lake bed in northern Nevada. When I decided to go, I didn’t know many people who had been before and was trying to gather necessary information: what do I need to bring? how will I get there? who do I camp with? what is the playa?? A few friends were lovely enough to help me with my questions and concerns and I had one of the most amazing times of my life. The art! The land! The music! But more than anything, the people were what amazed and inspired me the most.

Burning Man sunrise and me, the Playa Diva, 2006

Since that first festival experience, I have created lists and compiled the information needed for new attendees to make their first festival experience as smooth as possible. In 2007 I assisted 5 people in getting to the playa, in 2008 I assisted about 20, in 2009 I assisted almost 50, and in 2010 I hosted a camp for 80 international travelers called Wanderlust, most of whom had never been to the playa before.

Big Rig Jig, 2007

Playa Diva and Chris 2008

This site is an outlet for me to post all the information I have gathered over the years for anyone who has the desire to attend a festival, including tips and tricks and personal stories about the festival life.

Art on the playa 2009

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I am the founder and editor of I write about festival culture and fashion. I am also the designer and owner of Katsani Designs.

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