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One of my favorite things about Burning Man is that it is a huge empty canvas where you are encouraged to create whatever you want. This encourages so many possibilities for your Playa Diva home. And like everything else you plan to bring to the playa, you must first consider the wind and the dust. Watch THIS video to get a good idea about what the dust storms are like (watch until the end to get an idea of what Burning Man is like). Then consider “will my Playa Home survive? Or will it get tossed into the wind and injure my lovely neighbors?”

If you want more people to tell you crazy dust storm stories and remind you how dangerous a poorly executed structure is, read THIS and THIS.

The most used home on the playa is a tent. It’s cheap, it’s compact, easy to set up, and you can get one anywhere. But dust gets in easily, it’s hotter than an oven during the day, and you have to bring all the necessities separately (kitchen, cooler, bed, storage space, etc). Read my article about tents on the playa.

Tents, RVs, rental trucks, structures, and rainbows
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The second most common home on the playa is an RV or trailer. The air conditioning factor alone makes an RV the most glorious thing ever. Add to that a kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, and oven; a bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet; a few comfy beds to sleep in, a few chairs to lounge in, and storage space! DEE-lux. However, you are going to pay for the high cost of all these luxuries, which means you will probably have a few roommates to share the costs. And this is only if you can find an RV to rent, as all the rental companies in California and Nevada sell out months prior to the burn.

Click here for more information about RV and trailer camping

I love wandering around Black Rock City and looking at the unusual homes that people have created. Tipis, yurts, and domes seem like a spacious and beautiful option. Some of these structures can be built at home, disassembled, then transported to the playa using a surprisingly small amount of space.

If you are especially crafty and excel in the area of construction you can literally build a house on the playa. Of course, you have to consider all the materials you need, the tools to create your dream home, and how you are going to make sure there is no moop from your building project.

I have heard of a lot more people sleeping in their cars recently. But keep in mind that if you don’t plan this one right, you will be more miserable then if you brought a one man tent. The heat and dust will be almost unbearable, and closing all the windows and doors to keep the dust out will only make you feel suffocated. My friend Donna brings her SUV and a giant dome. She puts the back of the SUV in the dome and covers the entire thing with a parachute. The back of the SUV is her super delux, comfy sleeping area, and the rest of the dome is her living area.

Super Pro Tip: Don’t stress about bringing your own car, trailer, rv, etc to the playa. YES, it will be dusty. Everywhere. Just have your mechanic check your car before you go. The dust is especially unfriendly to tires and air filters. Just be sure to get it detailed when you get home.

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